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nuru massages
It’s all about the nuru massages. This reminded me of the cough test that we had to do at school, though mainly for boys, when one had to stand in front of the doctor and drop your pants or knickers and cough so that the doctor could see not only your genitalia development but also pelvic floor and lower abdomen function particularly for hernias in the groin.
So what is a Nuru massages. It was a form of massage proposed and practised by a German doctor of that name back in the 1930s who advocated massage of the bladder to improve the flexibility of the bladder wall and urinary function. The patient lies full length on his or her back with legs apart and the therapist places one hand on the nuru massages area and inserts two fingers of the other hand full length either up the rectum or the vagina and then makes a forward come hither movement with repeated deep, firm and long strokes to massage the bladder wall above the nuru massages bone.
What struck me was the similarity of this massage to the Nuru massages when either the prostate gland or G spot is massaged, albeit with gentler, soft strokes in a circular motion to enhance sexual arousal. So may be next time you have a Nuru massages, not only is it good for your sexual libido, but also perhaps a little therapeutic improvement for bladder function.
An article by Nuru massages in the Sunday Telegraph at the end of May titled “Hair ‘Em, Scare ‘Em” caught my eye and discussed the question of what to do about body hair, notably underarm and around the genitalia. The degree and texture of body hair varies widely by race and its removal has much to do with religious practice as personal taste, though I have never quite understood why in our evolution from hairy ape needing body hair for warmth and protection to a predominantly hairless body, save on the head, that we have retained that patch of hair on the Mound of Venus or its male equivalent.
In medieval times, it was customary to remove that body hair to prevent nuru massages lice but today it is much more driven by society and fashion in the Western World. The invention of the bikini and later the G string dictated the need to trim round the edges and then in 1994 the J Sisters Salon in Manhattan introduced the “Brazilian” (or “landing strip” as it is also known) followed by the trend in 2000 for the completely bare look, the “Hollywood”, presumably so named after the film industry, with actors and particularly actresses in the X rated films having the completely shaved look for the nude scenes.
So how many apply the razor or other hair removal methods to their genitalia? Apparently about half of Western women at some period of their lives have given themselves a good trim and about a quarter of men, though this is not confined to the younger generation, and certainly this is reflected by nearly all of the women and most of the younger men as well as some older men that come to me for a Nuru massages in London.

Great nuru massages

There appears to be only anecdotal evidence as to whether men like their woman, and vice versa, completely bare, though this is expected in certain cultures, or with some gentle soft curls. However on a note of caution to those who visit a salon for hair colouring, scientists have discovered that the shade of hair colour is determined by a single “letter” in the genetic code for the whole body (which is also unrelated to character trait dispelling the myth of the dumb blonde) so don’t forget to pay attention to those retained curls particularly if you are partial to an all over suntan.
Nevertheless according to that article, times are a changing and nuru massages hair is making a comeback, for example Cameron Diaz in her book, “The Body Bible”, wrote a chapter “In Praise of Pubes” extolling the virtues of:
“A lovely curtain of hair surrounding that delicate flower of the female form”
Though I do not think that many women will now be converted to leaving their nuru massages hair unchecked, but will continue with some careful grooming above accompanied perhaps by complete removal below. There is something confident and sexy about both men and women who have nicely groomed nuru massages hair and that attitude is starting to become the norm particularly with those in their twenties and thirties.
So what do I like for myself, well that would be telling, other than to say that I am a natural blonde, but may be if you with me in your London hotel or apartment, all might be revealed.
Earlier this month, I met a couple of charming Japanese male clients for Nuru massages in London at their West End hotel. They were most polite and courteous and told me how much they enjoyed coming to London. The following weekend, an article in the Telegraph court my eye entitled “Welcome to the Land of the Rising Celibacy”. I had known that Japanese culture was to western eyes paradoxical, in as much on the one hand there artwork can be quite sexually explicit and they even have festivals dedicated to the male and female organs yet in their daily lives there is a perennial obsession with modesty and demureness.
According to that article, Japanese youth is in the throes of a celibacy syndrome with a third of under thirties never having been on a date, and a quarter of men and half of women saying that sex is not for them. Apparently their preference is for platonic friendships and instead focus on career development. I think that starting a relationship in Japan could be very difficult because of their concept of “loss of face” and the unthinkable for a man who asks a woman out for a date and she says “no” and therefore the risk to him of her saying no is too great and therefore better not to ask at all unless he is absolutely certain of a positive answer which involves quite complicated role play.

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