One of the best ways of learning how to massage prostate is with the help of a finger massage. You can also learn how to massage prostate manually using your index and middle fingers by gently rubbing them along the prostate gland and surrounding area. By using this simple process, you can get yourself on your way to enjoying all the benefits of prostate massaging.

Start by lubricating your fingertips with the suitable lube. Next, apply pressure to your thumb and fingers in a firm up and down motion. Let your thumbs and forefinger gently grab the perineum and move towards the anal glands. Repeat this procedure up to four times before turning to the next step.

The key to successfully massaging prostate is knowing how far to massage prostate using your index finger or middle finger and not the shaft of your penis. This is because you should not be applying too much pressure in the direction of the glands if you want to give your client incredible orgasm. Keep in mind that there are nerves inside the anus that send out pleasure signals when stimulated. By stimulating these nerves, you will definitely give your man a mind-blowing orgasm.

Another technique is using your index and middle finger in a circular motion around the perineum. Again, apply pressure to the area by moving it in a circular pattern. You can intensify pleasure by applying constant pressure. For this reason, many male masseuses use two hands when performing this technique. This way, they can focus both on the perineum and the p-spot without unnecessarily stimulating the clitoris which can be quite painful for her.

Next, grab a lube bottle and smear some lube on the lube applicator. Place your index finger in your anus and insert it in a way that your entire hand is still inside it. Do not try rubbing your finger inside your anus because you might get hurt. Instead, just use your fingers to push the lubricant up the anus. After you feel the first bit of lubrication, begin rubbing the lube up against the inside of your anus.

To perform prostate massage therapy, you need to understand that a woman’s body is made up of three layers. The outer most layer is the pubic bone. Another layer is the vagina and the inner most layer is the clitoris. The prostate gland is situated at the base of the vagina. To get the right stimulation and result, you need to perform stimulation of all three layers of the body with the same strokes.

There are two basic types of prostate massagers. One is a handheld massager that you can easily carry anywhere while the other is an electrical massager. Handheld prostate massagers have wheels with handles which allows them to be maneuvered around the anus and scrotum with ease. While electrical prostate massagers are large and can be difficult to maneuver around your anus, they give results much faster due to their quick electric impulses.

When you perform prostate massage therapy regularly, you will notice an improvement in the quality of your erections as well as in the sexual performance. It also helps you achieve better and stronger erections and improve your sex drive. As a matter of fact, most men who suffer from malignant neoplastic diseases are reported to have greatly improved their condition after performing massage therapies on a regular basis. Moreover, the patients who had undergone massaging therapies that involved the use of electric currents were found to have lower incidences of prostate cancer compared to those who had not undergone such treatments.