Adult Massage London

Adult Massage London service is meant to increase your vitality, our masseuses are well trained in this particular massage service, during which the most intimate parts of the body will be the main focus.

At first, the larger muscle groups are going to be worked on then the smaller muscle groups. It is a very common technique used to get rid of any muscle tension. The intimate parts such as the man’s penis and testicles will then become the primary focus. The time allocated for this is taking the most of the massage session.

Adult Massage London

Adult Massage in London

Our massage therapists will gradually remove all items of clothing. This making it nearly impossible for you to not get at least a bit aroused, their seductive strokes will be hard to resist.

The Lingam Massage is meant to increase the duration of male erections. Its aim is to relax and learn to experience pleasure in a non-traditional way. Completely opposite to the way that most men have been living their lives. The client is laid on his back, with soft pillows placed under his head in such a way that he can see the masseuse. Another pillow placed under his hips with his legs slightly spread and genitalia exposed and ready for the massage to commence.

There is usually some form of relaxed, deep breathing excercise used to set the mood. Lessen any tension that may still be present, sinking the client outcall massage london deeper into a relaxed mood. In this mode they can be completely comfortable. After, an adequate quantity of oil is placed on the penis and testicles. Starting by massaging the testicles gently. Then the scrotum, the area above the pubic bone, the perineum. Then the area between the anus and testicles with varying factors (such as speed or / and pressure, direction – clockwise / counter-clockwise).
Adult Massage London

Ejaculation, while not the primary or even secondary goal of the Adult Massage, is an appropriate, delightful side-effect. However, the longer you resist the urge to have an orgasm, the more heightened and durable the pleasure.

Experience the Adult Massage London service by making an appointment, browsing our website in order to make the decision that fits your interests the most. Make sure you specify any particular services that you may want to opt for. So that we can see to it that none of your needs remain unsatisfied.

Give us a call today. You might be missing out on one of the greatest experience of your life!

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